Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Week of Mishaps

So for the last week at work I've been stuck drawin' this damn horse! I so hate horses. I was given this assignment to draw a mummy unicorn/pegasus horse thing that was tripped by this wolf character who stepped on it's wrappings. The thing was, I was trying to draw what they said in the description, so when my boss requested changes twice I didn't really understand why. The second time he painted a super clear picture for me (granted this was midway through the third day of trying to conqure the horse drawing).

Can you see what's wrong?

It's funny how when you get caught up in the construction and proportions you don't even realize what you've drawn until it's too late. It took me a whole day to fix it and get a new rough done, then another day to clean it up, and then another to color the finished one. It should be on the web by next week, but it's still hideous.


potato farm girl said...

Took me a sec, but I think I see. Too bad we aren't as perverted as everyone else.

Boogervampire said...

Exactly. . . :( If only I'd seen it sooner I could have saved myself 5 days of heart ache.

diane leeper said...

I just saw this one today, and laughed for five minutes straight. It was that sad, crying laughter from knowing exactly what you had gone through and what would have happend if you hadn't of seen it.