Thursday, January 10, 2008

Goin' on Down to South Park

Well, this year has started out with quite a shock. An unexpected one at that.

Back in September, when Carlos and I were thinking of moving to Washington (as the cost of living was becoming a challenge for us here in LA) my friend Valerie recommended me to some people over on the TV show South Park. I went in, met with the director, took a test and turned in. Having done a couple tests in the past, I waited about a month, and when I didn't hear anything back from them, I just kinda forgot about it.

Two and a half weeks ago, they called and offered me a position. It's been crazy leaving Neopets so quickly and diving into work over at South Park, but really fun and exciting.

Above is a duplicate of the South Park Avatar my boyfriend made of me a few months back. When he originally made it, it had a funny bathroom behind it. At the time it pissed me off cause he always draws me pissed off. . . but then I realized it's true. I am always pissed off. :) (Naw, not really.)


Deleted Scene said...

Yeah she is pissed off but oh so cute. Joe wouldn't dare draw me pissed off there is nothing cute about me mad.

that's hugo said...

Congrats Mary. What they have you doing over at that crazy ass studio? You should work your character into the show somehow, towel and all.

potato farm girl said...

How to draw Mary 101:
Step 1.Draw triangle nose.(This may be a problem since South Park doesn't use alot of noses.)
Step 2.Draw her angry unless she is riding a dinosaur or has an Eddie Vedder balloon.
The End.

caro said...

i am super late in congratulating you!!! yay for the new job!!!