Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ahhh. . . Much Better

Probably to my father's great displeasure, I've once again delved into the relm of beautifully, and boldly, colored tresses!!

The initial goal was neon green hair, but I think I let the bottle of die sit around too long (2 years) so my hair looks more teal than I had originally wanted, but I'm not complaining because I feel so much BETTER now!

The drawing was quick and dirty just to illustrate what the style looks like. . . I hate takin' pics, but if I get a good one I'll post it for friends and family to see.


Deleted Scene said...

Cool! I wanna see! BOOOOOO I can't just go visit you to check out your hair. If its anything like the drawing... I LOVE IT! I want to do something with this hair... Mostly CHOP it all off... It's so hot and hummid here I cant stand it. I MISS YOU MARY!

Diane said...

I love the drawing!

potato farm girl said...

Green with envy!

burgerlog said...

haha! you should change your location to 'boogerbank'