Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays Everybody!!

Here is a little "Ferocious Fruitcake" to keep you company for the holidays. He's seeking revenge on all of you who grumble, complain and roll their eyes at him when he is given to you out of the kindness of someone's heart for the holiday season. Actually, he's just really pissed that a fly is trying to eat some of his maraschino goodness.





So, this break, I decided that (with the exception of my work drills) I wasn't going to do any work of any kind and make myself relax. As part of my relaxation I decided that I was going to go home to Seattle (technically Union, WA now as my parents moved from the city) for 2 and a half weeks for the holidays. Of course, since I'm a jinx, I brought an unnatural weather anomaly with me. :)


potato farm girl said...

That fruitcake is truly frightening. Just like all fruitcakes should be. And that second photo, what is that?!?! Trees draped in snow and ice??!!
I'm flying into that mess tomorrow, looks like Xmas at my cousins in Tacoma!

Anonymous said...

fruitcake can actually be quite delightful ;) when painted by master boogers :) you are making the most of your break

Boogervampire said...

The second picture is actually nature's tinsel! It's moss hanging from one of the evergreens here. The snow got all trapped in it, making it awesome! (Have a safe flight!!)

And THANK YOU Anonymous!