Sunday, January 18, 2009

Something New and Blue. . . Something Borrowed Too

No, I'm not getting married, but the saying worked so well I used it. And yes the something old is actually borrowed (kinda).

Anyway, the something blue and something new is actually 3 very tiny paintings.

Carlos' Grandmother is Turning 90 today and I wanted to give her something small to keep close. So one of these adorable 1.5"x2" paintings, based on my babies Isis and Nico, will be keeping Abulita company, and hopefully close to her heart.

The something old and borrowed is actually very old and "borrowed" from my parents. When I was 13 I was in my 'Disney Phase' as I call it, and every month for almost 4 years I did a 'magazine' cover. Not having cable when I grew up, we never had the Disney Channel and I didn't find out til I was older and had grown out of my phase that there really was a "Disney Magazine" that I guess was kinda like a TV guide for the channel or something. Anyway, just for giggles, I scanned one of the oldest one's from 1991 and one of the last from the set made in 1994. It was a complete hoot when I stumbled upon these atrocities of my childhood, but heartwarming at the same time. Nothing took me back to my childhood quicker than these drawings done in cheap marker/color pencil and glittery fabric paint. . . I should be embarrassed, but I'm not.


Nic :) said...

OH MY GOOD GOD!!! I so remember ALL of those every month. You rocked then and NOW!

Anonymous said...

That really brings back memories. Love the kitties.


Deleted Scene said...

This isn't embarrassing, at this age I was in love with John Stamos lol... now that is embarrassing.