Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday, Bunny!

So today is Carlos' 30th birthday. I stayed up late last night/this morning making him a card so he'd feel special and stuff.

Oh, and we also had a G.I.Joe party. For more funny G.I.Joe birthday party pics, check out our Flickr set. They're just plain ol' silly. :)

Side note, I was really excited to see today that the first season of South Park I worked on came out on DVD on Tuesday!!! I had to buy it I was so pumped!


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potato farm girl said...

That flikr set is truly outrageos! I like that they are eating explosive cupcakes. There are alot of jokes to be had about explosive cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

The 'Bus has entirely TOO Much time on his hands need to get him a hobby! :)