Monday, June 29, 2009

AH-ha-ha! I WIN!!

So, a month ago a friend of mine spoke to a friend of her's to get me into a gallery show in Philadelphia, Pa called the "Golden Age of Heroes" hosted by The Autumn Society. I was really excited and super pumped to do a piece based on old school comics, and of course being a huge Wonder Woman dork, I already knew I HAD to do something with her in it.

Then my summer job started. . . and I missed the deadline. . . oh well. BUT THEN, i grew some balls, contacted one of the curators and asked if I could still submit it. He said as long as the piece is there by July 1st, it's all good. And thanks to the AWESOME UPS dudes at our local UPS branch, they said it should show up on the 1st. So, Philadelphia here I COME!! :D

Thanks so much to the guys at the The Autumn Society again for letting me take part in this! There's no better way to honour the 4th than through awesome classic cartoons and comic characters?


potato farm girl said...

Cute! I like how it looks like Cheetah is wearing pajamas!

Boogervampire said...

Cheetah has jammies and Wonderwoman has Underoos!! Okay, not exactly, but pretty close.

Deleted Scene said...