Friday, August 28, 2009

"Sweet Streets" and "Oh, the Art You Will See"

Greetings all! This weekend I'll be participating in two more group gallery shows. First up, is "Oh, the Art You Will See" at Monkeyhouse Toys in Silverlake, CA (from 4pm-8pm). It's a group show of works inspired by Dr. Seuss stories. As a kid, my favorite story was "Green Eggs and Ham", so yeah. That's it.

Second, I'll be displaying the "2-D Fruity" guitar in Gallery Nucleus' group show entitled "Sweet Streets". It's a show based on those crazy Japanese kids and their truly unique fashion sense. "Sweet Streets" opening will Saturday, August 29th from 7pm-10pm in Alhambra, CA.


Anonymous said...

I like your green eggs and ham. good luck


letsugo said...

The guitar is RAD! Saw it at Nucleus this weekend, and it makes a trippy appearance in a little video I did of the Sweet Streets opening: