Sunday, January 17, 2010

Skull Heads!! (New Year Image Dump)

Yes, I do love me some Skull Head action, and now I'm adding these skull-tastic earrings to my inventory over in my shop.

I had to test out my new spider web edge punch from the evil Martha Stewart (I want to hate you, but the older I get the harder it becomes. . . why do you make such awesome stuff?) by making a fancy little doily to set them on for their big Etsy portrait.

And this is their extreme close up. They're boogery.

I've been trying to give all my stuff I send out to nice people who buy my stuff on Etsy a little something special in the way of packaging. For the Cell Charms I've been making little drawstring pouches out of spider web fabric. For the earrings, I wanted to make little cards for them to attach too. Similar to the kind you'd pick up at a store, but with more boogers. Literally.

And finally, my Dear Friend Dani was nice enough to let me put them in her ears and take a photo. No worries though, I made multiples and gave her this pair as a thank you for letting me take a picture of her sexy, sexy ear lobes. (I should probably write that in the Etsy description so that people don't think they're getting cootie filled earrings.)

In other news, I got engaged. Here is a pic of my fancy, schmancy ring (for the few family members who still stop by). It's black diamonds on a white gold setting. It's beautiful. :D

And this is a pic of me crying afterwards, well not crying but all puffy from crying after he asked.

And this is a pic of my stove. The door shattered while I was sleeping a little over a week ago. I now have a brand new stove, which I have christened with Shrinky Dinks.

And, finally, I'm taking an interesting class at the Animation Guild instructed by Karl Gnass. I was skeptical at first, because I was having to draw anthropomorphic animals and I was afraid that my boss would find this counter productive, but I'm not anymore. I'm having fun. Here's some of those sketches.

One thing I've learned from this class. . . when the model is an attractive, fit woman, don't draw them as a chubby puppy. :P

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