Monday, November 19, 2012

Portrait of an Invisible Boy - WIP

Poster from Universal's 1933 adaption of the Invisible Man directed by James Whale.
Well, the deadline for the "Classic Monsters Tribute Show" over at Halloween Town has come and gone.  I dropped off my piece yesterday with only minutes to spare.  I still can't show anyone for two weeks what it is, but I'm pleased with how it turned out.

Invisible Boy concept sketches.
Thumbnail for Final painting composition.
 What I can show you is this piece.  I'm saying it's a work in progress because I'd still like to complete it one day.  We were allowed to do two pieces for the Classic Monsters Show and the "Portrait of an Invisible Boy" would have been my second piece.  I love how chubby he is!  I'm looking forward to painting all the little bugs on the wall, the microscope and the bubbles in his bubble pipe.

I've shown a few friends, and family members, the sketch of the Invisible Boy you see above and every time I do they laugh and ask why he's dressed like Hugh Heffner.  I always forget that I watch more old monster films than they do so in order to explain it to them, I show them the following two things/images.

My super awesome Sideshow Produced Figure. (Stock Photo)
and a screen cap of the movie:
Claude Rains and Gloria Stuart in Universal's "Invisible Man" (1933).
I'm hoping to complete this portrait before year's end.  Sadly my personal project time has been scarce since going back to work. I'm hoping that since I've already invested money in the fancy mat paper (flocked burgundy velvet), replacement glass and an awesome antique frame I might be more inclined to finish it.  Stay tuned for updates on it's progress.

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