Friday, September 13, 2013

Autumn Serenade

Well, the ELEU Autumn Harvest/Dia de Los Muertos piece is thankfully finished.  I'm now officially half way thru the 6 paintings I have to have done before my hiatus ends in November.  As much as I love that I'm getting to spend my break painting, I have to admit I'm getting a bit tired physically.  I have to paint at night like I would if I was still working.  The house goes into such a state of disarray when I'm working that I have to spend my entire hiatus getting things back in order. . . which as I'm sure everyone knows, is a full time job it's self.

Anyway.  This piece was a lot of fun.  As I stated in the last post where I introduced it, color comps were a pain in the butt, but in the end that extra three days it took to finish them was worth it.  Details of the show's official opening reception are still vague but I'll post details here and on Facebook once I know more.  What I can tell you is this:  the painting, which I've entitled "Autumn Serenade" will be on display at ELEU Salon in Burbank, CA from Friday, September 13th, 2013 thru November 2013 and will be $275.  If interested, contact ELEU Salon for more information.

As I'm sure my followers have noticed, I like to make my paintings a bit personal.  This one is no different.  Fun personal things hidden/represented in this painting are not that hidden really.  The little boy and girl are representing my husband and I.  We will be celebrating our first anniversary on Halloween so Autumn is very special to us.  Specific references are:  The mariachi is left handed.  That is probably only something musicians would catch and think I made a mistake on.  It's not a mistake.  I redrew the entire composition when I realized I made him a right handed player.  Not only does it help the flow of the piece, it wouldn't be my husband if he was a right handed player (yes there is a difference and left handed guitars are very hard to find).  Second, I totally made the scarecrow girl a grunge girl on purpose and she's totally wearing a Pearl Jam t-shirt.  I always wanted one of those "Alive" t-shirts.  The little Jeremy stick figure is totally awesome.  There aren't too many hidden things in this one actually.

Everything else is there for story purposes or just because it felt right.  There is a church yard in the Background as that's where the little mariachi boy came from.  If you get out a magnifying glass you can actually see decorative bunting strung just behind the cemetery entrance.  The crows were fun and although they look more like robins or sparrows than crows I really like the design and will probably do a few mini paintings of them cause they're just cute.

Up next?  I have one week to complete a Macross/Robotech themed piece.  I've got the concept and after taking today off to try to catch up on sleep, I'll be sketching and hopefully color comping that one before the end of the day on Friday the 13th!

Can't believe it's halfway thru September already!!

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