Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Instagram Dump!

Howdy Blogger pals!

So, I'm in over my head with my Gallery999 Haunted Mansions Icons painting, a.k.a. the one I can't show anyone until the 17th of May (2014).  I bit off a lot, but I'm not going to say it's more than I can chew because it's coming along nicely, it's just taking a hell of a lot longer to complete than I had anticipated.  I thought a month would have been sufficient time to do the painting, but it wasn't and I'm now well into April and still plugging along.  Since I can't show any work in progress pics during 'real time' I've decided to do an Instagram dump so that you can see a few random things. . . of no importance relating to the painting.  Kind of.

Got some awesome tarot cards a while back to use as reference for the painting. They're a very small piece of the puzzle but well worth the investment. They're eastern european from the early 60's and simply gorgeous.

My work space, as usual. As you'll see below, I tried actually working AT a table with a chair and it didn't go so well. After two weeks at the chair I went back to sitting on the floor at the coffee table. The light was much better at the other table, but I pinched a nerve on the chair and missed sitting cross legged so I figured it was best to go back to what already 'worked'.

Although I'm not as confident as I was two weeks ago, I was thinking of making stickers of the little guy above for the Bat's Day Black Market on May 17th. I can show the progress of those, so once I'm done with "The Painting That Never Ends" I'll hopefully go back to regular updates!

Until next time!  Later.

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