Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pink Parlour Wrap-Up and the Next Big Event!

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Greetings again, boils and ghouls!

The Pink Parlour Festival is a wrap, so what's up next?  Well, I am attempting my first two day event!    I'll be vending this August 9th and 10th at LA's premier Halloween enthusiast convention, ScareLA!!  I'm really excited about this one.  It's the convention's second year and they've been dropping teasers left and right as to the panels for this years event and it sounds great!  I would especially love to sit in on the 45th Anniversary panel for Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, but I'm pretty sure I'll be super busy at my table and will have to send my minions in to take photos for me.  (And by minions I just mean my husband.)  I've reordered a lot of my products for the ScareLA event and I even added a new cosmetic and coin purse design to my inventory.  I'll also be coming up with a new sticker or two for the event (possibly a new Disneyland Tourist Monster and a Halloween themed sticker) and making up some new necklaces.  So follow my Instagram to see work in progress images as I prepare for ScareLA and I hope to see some of you there!

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Now, back to the Pink Parlour Festival re-cap!  It was wonderful to get out and visit with all my followers and make new ones.  Got to meet a few people whom I speak with on Instagram, got to meet with Dahlia Deranged and apologize that I can't take part in the Hollows Market that they're organizing for the end of next month (which you should check out if you live in the Los Angeles area and love gothy-spooky goodness), as well as touching bases with the FABULOUS AbbyBelle and Eva Rose from Evil Rose Designs

My table was table 78 and I was fortunate (and unfortunate) enough to be right near the stage.  We had all sorts of fun live entertainment to listen to while we worked at this event.  Quite a few bands, a fashion show and a pin up contest were just some of the events on the main stage.  Only down side is that as I get older my hearing gets worse so I had a HORRIBLE time trying to hear anyone that came by the booth, but I managed.  ;)

Prudence Stickers turned out awesome and are now available in the Crypt of DOOM.
The new Prudence stickers made their debut and were received well. . . not as well as the Disneyland Tourist Frannie stickers, but well.  The left over stickers have been posted over in the Crypt of DOOM and are $4 each if you'd like to pick one up.  We were excited to see a large number of items sell out for once.  All the Disneyland Tourist Frannie Stickers are gone, and have been reordered.  The "Help Us Master Gracey" coin purses as well as the "IceScream Social" coin purses all sold out and have been reordered as well as the "IceScream Social" cosmetic bags.

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