Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sushi Gremlins - A Work In Progress Post

Work in Progress image (#1) of the Sushi Gremlins.

The working color comp for now for the Sushi Gremlins.  Some tweaks will take place between now and the final.

The original painting was going to be at night.  These are the futile attempts at making that work.
Well, as I showed in the last update, I've started a beast of a painting for a family friend.  The last commission I took on before I declared "no commissions".  The poor guy has been waiting nearly a year for things to calm down enough for me to get started on it.  I'm so grateful to his patience and hope that when it's finished he, and his family, enjoy it.

As I'm sure you noticed there were quite a few comps that were done at night.  The original painting was always meant to be at night.  That was my choice, but when you take on commissions it's about what the client needs more than what you want.  Each of the Sushi Gremlins represents a member of the client's family.  I deliberately tried to keep them asexual and denote the family member by their favorite color as opposed to trying to make each monster look like the person they represent.  Unfortunately, this is where the problem of night and day came into play.  The gremlin on the bottom's 'person's' favorite color is black.  You  can see in the first 4 comps I tried different tints of black, or close to black, but they kept getting lost in the dark background.  (Comps 5 and 6 were just done out of curiosity.)  Once I switched the time of day the bottom gremlin was far more noticeable.

Next week I'll hopefully have some ScareLA sneak peaks ready.  Until then, follow all the Work In Progress posts over on Instagram!

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