Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Little Early. . . but What the Hell.

So today was one of those blissfully slow days at work, or annoyingly slow, I guess it depends on my mood.

Anyway, I was in such a fury yesterday at work that I managed to get ALL my assignments for the next couple days done with an hour to spare (which I chose to burn by going home and getting some sleep). So today I've kinda been jumping back and forth between finishing up loose ends on my assignments from yesterday, tweeking more website pages (the hidden student film section now matches the rest of the site), and making a little greeting for all my little MySpace friends (which just happen to actually be real people that I know and have been friends with for a while). But I don't want you all to feel left out either, so here ya go, a little early but. . .

This one's T.E.D.'s.

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