Thursday, June 08, 2006

Crashin' the Party

So it's been a week or so again and the news is, I'm finding my focus that I've so been longing to find for over a year now.

I've decided to "crash" a gallery opening that I wasn't invited too. That is, if I can finish the piece in time. (Just a tiny back story; the gallery show is a hurricane relief benefit show and the pieces are only on display until someone buys them. Basically if you buy it you yank it off the wall and go pay for it right then and there. So you'd think that the more pieces they could get to raise money they would appreciate. So when I go with my friend that's in the show to drop her pieces off tomorrow night I'm gonna sweet talk my way in. >:P I'm such a little devil.)

So to fulfill a promise to my dear, sweet, kind, and gracious Aunt, I've posted the progression. First is the concept; then the quick color tests in flash; and then the current phase of the painting. It's really small, only about 4" x 6".

A happy little accident kinda happened when I went in to paint the skin last night, as you can see from above. I wanted a white skin tone with a greenish tinted shadow, but I think the aqua/teal color I got instead will work much better. I've been wanting to go back to my "dark/cute" ways but lacking inspiration and it appears that this happy little accident turned me in the right direction.

Speaking of inspiration. . .my inspiration! KITTY!!!

You shall all love the Kitty Princess of DOOM or she will eat your souls with her cuteness!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!

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