Friday, August 11, 2006


So lately I've been talkin' to this guy named Martin in the UK through Myspace. He stumbled onto my page I guess, and we've been talkin' since then. I kinda let Carlos think we're talkin' about other stuff as a form of payback for all his myspace schinanigans, but honestly, all we do is talk about drawing.

So the other day when we were talking I was telling him about my Aunt's painting and how I need to finish it, but sometimes I just loose motivation and let paintings sit around for a while. Like this one I started after Christmas for an idea I'm playin' with in my head (yeah, you heard that right, I'm admitting I'm working on a pitch) and I'm about 12 hours away from completetion, which is just one good weekend of work, and I can't bring myself to finish it. He was tellin' me I was way more motivated than he was because he couldn't even bring himself to finish a pencil drawing most of the time, let a lone a painting with more than an hour's worth of work involved.

When I read the part about drawing in pencil, I just, I dont' know, kinda missed it. So that night I drew this. I inked half of it that night as well, cause for some reason, I just can't leave pencil drawings alone anymore, and then the next night, I bit the bullet and got out my markers. In no way am I as talented as Potato Farm Girl, but she kinda taught me what I know just by introducing me to the damn things 10 years ago. I'm obviously rusty, but I was really REALLY impressed with how the pants worked out. I just kinda thought of how I used to see "the Potato" do her thing and for the first time it clicked right.

As for the paintings. . . I swear to the almighty creator of all thats good and evil. . . that I'm gonna work on it this weekend. Even if it kills me.

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