Monday, August 21, 2006

More Loki and a Haircut

So Friday was Carlos's first show with his band. He was so excited and nervous that he wanted to take pictures before the show. . . so here's my hair. I have makeup on and the image is flipped but you get the idea. Sorta.

I've been takin' tons of pics of Loki and Isis again lately, but these are some of the really cute ones. . .

Carlos wanted to send one of his MySpace friends a personal birthday greeting. . . Loki decided to eat the cardboard.

I actually sent this pic to Cuteoverload today. . . I just love it when the cats get into the guitar case.

Isis still hates you Loki, but now she'll allow you with in a foot of her, as long as there's SOMETHING between you guys.


Carlos brought me a balloon last week. . . Loki liked the string so much we tied something to the end of it and let him have at it until the helium wore out and the balloon wouldn't float anymore.

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