Monday, March 19, 2007

Two-dee Fruity (part 1, sorta)

Well, as you can see from the last two previous posts, I've been workin' on this for a while.

My boyfriend and I started talking about something we could do together. Call it bonding time, call it a melding of the minds, call it whatever you like, but we decided it would be fun to make custom guitars.

My boyfriend is a really talented guitar player and is constantly obsessing about getting new ones and customizing his old ones. So, partially to appease him and partially because it sounded like a really fun idea, the two of us decided that he'd do all the hardware work and "prepping of the surfaces" and I'd just "do my thing".

Obviously, this is our first one, and due to our total lack of originality, we decided we should call this one "Two-dee Fruity" (partially because she's a "fruits" girl and partially because my boyfriend said that it should be in honor of the fact that she's a "2-D" design, we're nerds).

Stay tuned for "Two-dee Fruity (part 2)" where I actually post the guitar all put back together again. :D


potato farm girl said...

Guitar Hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MARILLA said...

oh... how did you do that?... good textures....