Friday, May 16, 2008

Pretty Pretty Princess Loki


You ever notice how if family asks you for something, you procrastinate on it FOREVER? That's the case here with "Pretty Pretty Princess". My Grandmother asked me for a painting, since my mom and Aunt have one, and I told her sure. . . well that was Christmas 2 and a half years ago now (I think). The sketch for this sat around for a year before I finally had time off to work on it. Did my first all nighter when I didn't have to in a while to complete it, but I find it amusing.

In other news, I was insane and completely unobservant when my boss suggested I take a class this summer. Even though I read the description it didn't fully register what I got myself into until the first day of class. . . and now I'm kicking myself. Mind you, it's something I know nothing about so it's cool and I like learning new stuff, but seriously, Transportaion design? By the end of the summer, I'll be able to draw cars like a mo-fo, even though I'm not really sure I WANT to. :P

Update!! May 30th, 2008

I got "Pretty Pretty Princess" back from the framer on Tuesday. It turned out pretty decent I think. I tried to frame it so that it would look good with the painting as well as good with my Grandma's stuff. I hope It works out okay. There's just way too much pink going on in this thing for my personal taste, but, as I've said, it's not mine, so it's okay. Besides, it was nice to do something out of hte ordinary for me.

Also, as you can see below, I got my birthday presnts early! This is Nico, my new little girl. We got her from the Burbank Animal Shelter almost two weeks ago now. We were shocked at how quickly she and Loki hit it off. We kept them separated for about three days (it was supposed to be a week, but Carlos kept "accidentally" leaving the bathroom door open) before they met. Loki had a kitty crush immediately, and to our great surprise, Nico reciprocated the crush, and now we see cuddling kitties everywhere in the house.

The cuddling is enough to make me puke sometimes. Not to mention, I'm a tiny bit jealous cause Loki doesn't talk to me anymore and is "too cool" to let me snuggle with him. My little man is growing up!


Sergio R. said...

MAAAAARRRRRRYYYYY!!! Hey girl... how are you?? Thank's for your comment. Your stuff is looking amazing. I bragged about you on Monday to some Middle school kids I subbed for ha ha. They said something about South Park and and I told them that my good friend Marry worked there and litterally, one kids face dropped as if I had justbtold him that me and Jesus went biking and skipping through a field of dandilions. He then began begging me to ask you for a drawing of Kenny signed... ha ha... I totally thought that was sweet until he finished his thought with "I can totally sell it on E-Bay!" Ha ha... but it was still cute how he literally got all flusterd and excited thinking about how you work for South Park. ha ha... It was totally a celebrity moment for you. ha ha. :-D

potato farm girl said...

I am so jealous of Loki's dress. I want to wear it.

potato farm girl said...

I think your cats should have wedding rings. Not ring worm.