Monday, July 05, 2010

Kacheeks In Love for Irene and Alan

A year ago now, when I was hanging out at Neopets for the summer, an old coworker and friend asked me if I could do a drawing of two Kacheeks (one yellow and one Island) in Chinese Traditional Wedding attire.

When Irene asked me for the drawing, I only intended on doing a marker drawing, but as time dragged on I decided that a painting would be well worth her and her Fiance's wait.  I just hope they like it.  >_<

I spent more time on this painting than I have on previous ones.  I had a very clear vision of what I wanted in my head and worked to try to make it happen as close to my vision as possible this time.  I started with some thumbnails, which I then expanded into a very detailed sketch (I usually just doodle something and then draw it strait on the watercolor paper and go).

After the sketch, I scanned it and did some super quick Photoshop color comps.  I initially wanted a pink cherry blossom tree, but I went for a more classic tree in the sketch.  When I tried to turn the classic tree pink, like a cherry blossom tree, it just didn't work and I just decided to keep it classic.

After the color comps I had to trace the sketch on the watercolor paper twice.  The first attempt was an epic failure due to old masking fluid that ripped the entire top layer of paper (including the sketch) off.  Once I recovered from the crushing blow of loosing the first painting (the wash on the sky looked REALLY good before it got ruined), I started over with a better brand of masking fluid and the GOOD Arches Watercolor paper.  Once the wash was complete and dry, I just finished off the rest of the painting in regular ol' opaque gouache.

Once it was finished I mixed up a little gold gouache and put a thin outline on the heart shaped sky.

The original frame Irene gave me was way too small, so I framed and matted it.  Hopefully the painting, the matting and the framing will make up for the year long wait she and her Fiance had to sit through.  :/

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potato farm girl said...

Awww, it turned out nice! Fancy frame and matte too! ;)