Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tiger Girl vs. Batman

Well this week's post isn't that original, BUT it's also the first commission I recieved through the Crypt of DOOM!

Back at the beginning of the month I was contacted by a woman who thought my painting "AH Ha-ha, I WIN!" was adorable and reminded her of her kids.  She asked if I could change Cheetah to a little girl in a Tiger costume and if I could turn Wonder Woman into Batman.  I told her it should be easy enough and accepted her challenge.

This time around I bust out my markers (which had been sitting out since I did the drawing of Natasha) and hoped that I was warmed up enough to tackle an 8x10 detailed drawing on good paper.  I changed up the cats on this piece as well, omitting Loki and Nico and replacing them with a gray kitty and a siamese kitty.

All in all it turned out okay.  In some ways I like it better than the original.  Of course there are things I would change, but there always  are.  :D

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Natasha Helton said...

It turned out so awesome!!! The kitties are my favorite part... Although tiger girl's stripes always leave me awe-struck. Such detail!