Sunday, February 06, 2011

What a Randomly Productive Week!

Well, I guess I made up for not having anything last week!

This last week was blissfully productive.

Up at the top is a more detailed, colored version of a doodle you may have seen last week.  My friend, and former coworker, Natasha has one of the more unique personal style's I've seen in a while.  I think it's a  strange concoction of retro chic, latin flair, and a side of the 80's just to confuse you.  Either way, she's got some RAD outfits.  Black and white sketches just don't do them any justice.  Someday I may have to make a paper doll out of her just so I can document all her cool clothes.

Then the day after I finished the giant Natasha drawing (It's 22" long!), I sat down and finally finished a second mini-painting I started around the same time as the Skull-tart one.  Like I said before, I got these awesome neon watercolors when I went the Mother-land last summer.  I have no idea what I'll use them for in the future, but Rosie the Sugar Skull turned out pretty decent!

As usual, if you're interested in taking her home, you can purchase her in the Crypt of DOOM!!!

And finally, half of my Valentine's are complete!!

I've been working on these little punks for over a month.  I hit a snag when I accidentally mixed an RGB color pallet with a CMYK one, but after getting it all sorted out I was able to finish these three!  Sadly I didn't meet my personal cut off date for posting them in the Crypt of DOOM, but there is always next year!

Hopefully next week I'll post a "work in progress" of two big projects I will be starting this week if I'm going to stay on schedule, til then, have a good week!

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