Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sketch Journal Dumpage!!

Well it's been a crazy couple of weeks.  I started the new job and I wasn't even there three days before I got sick.  I think that's a new personal record.  This last cold was a doozie, in fact I still am not 100% and sound a little like Scarlet Johanssen or Kathleen Turner AND I completely lost hearing in both ears for three days due to boogers in my inner ear.  Sexy huh?  Guess I'm not the Boogervamprie for nothin'.  Anyway, there is nothing more embarassing than being sent home from work on your 6th day because they fear you are going to bring the plague upon the office.

Enjoy the Doodle Dumpage.  I went through and found all the suitable for the web drawings. . . although I didn't blur out the curse words, so sorry about that.  I was raised by a sailor you know.  My mom tried her hardest, but I guess I'm daddy's little potty mouth at heart.


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I love these so much!!!