Monday, April 18, 2011

More Journal Goodies

Well, the last couple weeks have been a little dead here on the bloggy blog for a good reason.  My first storyboard, at the new job, had it's deadline last week.  Or so I thought.  I found out it's actually not due til this week, but I'd rather it be early than late.  As a result the only thing I've been drawing, aside from my evening journal entry, has been a buff guy dancing with some Mr. Pibb . . . and cars. :)

Speaking of cars. . . as you can see in one of the above sketches, when Carlos and I go visit family in San Diego and he drives home, he always seems to want to race people.  Once I realize what's going on and call him on it, he totally denies it.  Until he wins his imaginary race, that is.  Enjoy more of my silly adventures and lets all hope that next week I post something that's NOT from my journal!

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