Sunday, April 08, 2012

Frida Sugar Skull Redux

 Greetings all!

I found myself a bit overwhelmed and down in the dumps this week.  As a result my brain is more scattered than usual and I find myself procrastinating on the things I'm supposed to be doing.  What you see above is what I chose to do instead of starting my "Just Desserts" show piece.  I have a solid monster concept, but I just couldn't bring myself to sketch it out this last week.

So while I was frantically hitting refresh on my e-mail browser, I decided to listen to a friend of mine who suggested that my first Frida Khalo inspired sugar skull wasn't as cute as my previous ones.  Not only did I discover she was correct, but I also discovered that as I drew more of the sugar skulls, they started to become more detailed.  I had high lights on high lights!  So I took this one back to basics.  I used the first as inspiration, but simplified both the design and the rendering of it.

Now that I've gotten the re do out of my system, hopefully I'll be able to focus on what I need  to work on now.

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