Sunday, May 28, 2006

3 Weeks Early

Well, I was totally surprised today when my boyfriend gave me my birthday present 3 weeks early. He decided to get me a digital camera. It may not be as fancy as the one I had posted a month or so ago, but it's pretty darn awesome.

I wanted a Sony, but unfortunately it was out of stock and the salesman showed me a Cannon that he said was way better than the Sony I was lookin' at. I kinda told my boyfriend that I'd like a Sony because I trust their electronics, but knowing that Cannon is a very reputable camera company to begin with, kinda instilled just as much faith in me.

It's pretty cool. We've been tinkering with it for the last couple of hours. I took pictures of Isis the Kitty Princess of Doom.

There was another really cool picture of the cat I wanted to put up, but I realized that my boyfriend was in the shot and he was in his boxers. I didn't wanna gross ya out or hear how horribly I "embarassed" him.

Yea for digital cameras!!!

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