Thursday, May 11, 2006

Happiness is Just One Click Away

So yesterday was. . . interesting, and rather maddening.

I was "fortunate" enough to spend my day drawing 4 new gumballs for the website I work for, which had me furious because it's insulting to my skills that the only assignment I had for the entire day was coloring 4 circles different colors and saying that they were "different flavored" and then I stumbled upon "my nemisis'" blog (because I had another day of doin' jack shit for 6 hours and I was bored) to discover that some magazine in the United Kingdom wrote about her and that she was faking modesty. She's not very good at faking modesty mind you. And it just made me depressed. Really depressed. It's like I said before, I wouldn't mind so much and it would be way easier to be happy for her if she was a nice person that was actually considerate and thoughtful, but since she's not a nice person it just makes me bummed out and wonder if I need to be a fake person that cares about no one but myself in order to get out of this unrewarding job I'm drudging though on a daily baisis. My friends say that she'll go down, but the more I regretfully wish it to happen to her, not only do I feel horribly guilty about that, but the more I realize that's never going to happen. For some reason the Fates have decided to align in her favor.

So as I was sitting there, feeling sorry for myself and getting angrier and angrier I went to the one place that can cheer me up in less than a second. Cute Overload. I swear that's the best blog/website ever. And honestly, how could you stay mad or sad when you see such cute little critters. I saw the bunny (the grey thing that kinda looks like a cat) a couple of days ago and fell in love. Then yesterday when I was all bummed I saw the little grub.

That little grub was SOOOOO cute that I couldn't help smile and copy it immediately. It made all my problems go away. . . that is until I got to the PHARMACY. Freakin' pharmacy. I've been told that I can no longer buy more than one 10 pack at a time of my allergy pills because of stupid ass crack addicts that feel the need to make CRYSTAL METH out of them. I was SOOOO pissed (but please take into mind I'd been standing at the counter for about 10 minutes waiting for someone to come help me and the store was empty and there were 5 of them behind the counter just staring at me) and they made me late for an appointment. Well it wasn't really an appointment, I had to take my boyfriend back to the optomitrist to get his perscription and order his glasses and contacts. Then when we were standing in line waiting to fulfill the perscription (with the frames we wanted in hand) we got stuck waiting for another 20 minutes only to cut off by some posh bitch that didn't think the line applied to her, and instead of the stupid people at the counter pointing out to her that there was a long line and she needed to wait in it they just let her do it cause she was on her cell phone. I fuckin' hate that shit. So what do I do when I get home?

Cute Overload. Admire the cuteness. Love the cuteness. Embrace the cuteness. Live the cuteness.

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