Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Blind Can Now See

So, after a year and a half of dating my partner in crime, and a year and a half of having to hear "I can't see that, it's too far away," and the actual object was only about 5 feet from his face, I decided to take extreme action and make him an optomitrist appointment. I figured if I did it today, on his day off, I couldn't hear any whineing or excuses, and you wanna know something, I was right.

I decided to go into work a little late today, just in case they dialated his pupils and stuff, and because I knew if I didn't something would probably go wrong. You know, like him MISSING his appointment or something (he's not incompetent or anything, he just doesnt' like doctors). So this morning we show up at the office, early enough to fill out paperwork and stuff, and with in a few minutes the little chicken's exam starts. He kinda messed up one of the tests a couple of times because he wasn't focusing on this little black square like he was supposed to, but it wasn't a big deal.

In the actual exam room, the doctor was really really cool. He even let me come into the room with him, which I think relaxed my boyfriend greatly. It was kind of a shock to me because I found out that my boyfriend had never been to the eye doctor before, and had some extremely strange notions about what was going to happen (last night he was scared cause he thought they were gonna poke a needle in his eye, I told him that would NOT be happening). It was pretty cool because with in 15 minutes, he'd been diagnosed near sighted and given some test contacts to try out over the next week. Then next week he will go back into the doctor and he will get his perscription.

The best part came after he got the contacts on and was lookin' around. He made me walk all around Costco (we went to the optomitrist there) pointing out all the stuff he could finally see and read. Then on the car trip home he was reading all the street signs. It was really funny and kinda rewarding. I know rewarding sounds like a strange word to place there, but he'd been "blind" for so long and it hadn't struck me how "blind" he was until last week when he nearly ran over three teenage boys fighting in the street (I believe I discussed that last entry so I'll spare you the details). He's been afraid of going so long he would never tell me how REALLY bad the condition was.

Now if I can just get him to take his car to the mechanic, he'll be good for another 100,000 miles. :D

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