Saturday, July 01, 2006

Finally DONE!!

Well, for this month that is. :D

So my first day of vacation I decided to spend the entire day finishing the revisions to the website, and thank GOD I'm finally done. Fortunately it was mostly just copying and pasting code and changin' a few things here and there, but I'm really excited because I finally finished adding pics to my life drawing and props section.

I'm happy with it right now because it finally looks like a "whole" website. Before I felt that it was missing something and that there wasn't something that tied all the pages together, but for now I feel better. I've got a feeling the whole thing will be going flash before the end of the year, only because there are so many great artist sites out there that are in flash right now that still seem far more polished that what I just completed.

Quite honestly, I'm such a perfectionist I'll probably never be finished with my site. I get antsy if it goes for more than a month if I don't add something new now. I find it amazing that the rest of the collective group my site's page is branched off of hasn't updated their pages in over a year, but at the same time, none of them are as paranoid as I am. :D

Here's another new painting I finished a little while ago. I wanted to wait a while to post it because I thought I needed a post or two between paintings. :D

I'm thinkin' I wanna name it "I Like to Pinch" due to the totally awesome Honda Element ad with the crab (which you can oh so convienenly watch below thanks to Currently on the website it's called "Happy Crab" but that's cause I was lame and couldn't think of something better at the time. So, here ya go. . . "I like to pinch."

I'm gonna go antique shopping again tomorrow and see if I can find an interesting doilie or tea cup to go with my teapot. I'm nervous about starting that painting. . . but a good kind of nervous. I've been looking at a few Gil Elvegren paintings to see how he painted gold things just so I have a general idea of how to go about capturing all the gold details on the teapot. The last thing I want is for the thing to look like it's just got yellow lines on it. I'm kinda starting to get back into my groove and I'm looking forward to the challenge and learning new techniques.

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