Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Progress Report

So, sadly, my weekend was so crazy that I didn't get as much done on my painting as I would have liked. BUT I did do an all-nighter Friday night and got this much done.

Seriously, painting is starting to become my escape from the world.

When I was a kid, drawing was my escape. I'd just go draw something and that would keep me entertained for hours. Now that I draw for a living, painting has become my escape, or I guess my hobby. Granted I have to draw something, initially, in order to paint it, but it's the whole process of painting that makes everything around me slow down.

I'm really excited and scared about this new painting at the same time. It's the largest, most detailed, gouache painting I've ever done. I've done two others at this size before, but they were fairly simple. . . just a large skullhead with some feathers and a bug or two, but this one is just crazy. I think I spent about three hours on this small section Friday night/Saturday morning and if that's any way to gauge my time on this piece, I've probably got a good 24 hours worth of work on it left to go. I blame the popcorn. :D

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