Monday, July 31, 2006

Pulling My Hair OUT!!

Not really, it just sounded like a good title. :D

Anyway, I'll update this post a little later with nifty pictures and stuff. . . God I love my digital camera.

So Loki's gotten big since we've gotten him, and thanks to his crafty kitten ways he's devoured most of Isis's food so he's gotten FAT already too. Stupid kitten. We had a little scare with Isis that wasn't kitten related last week. Looks like she had another mondo hairball, the kind that hospitalized her last winter, but thanks to my crafty, or I should say stingy, prowess I called the vet and found out that they sell perscription strength hairball remover stuff for $8 and handled it on my own. For those of you who didn't hear, she was hospitalized for 4 days just before Christmas for the same thing, only at the time we didn't know what it was, so the entire experience cost us about $400.00. She's worth it. She's my baby, but DAMN, it's not like I could afford another $400.00 for a HAIRBALL. That's just embarassing. But it's all good now, and she's eating again and FINALLY smacked Loki around, so the balance of my world is finally realigning it's self and all that jazz.

So, yeah. Since I'm pathetically turning into the cat lady, I got a major kick outta Isis this morning when she decided to be cruel to Loki. We bought Loki some new toys on Saturday night, since he had confiscated all of Isis's toys, and Isis (picture to be added later) decided this morning that she was just gonna sit on top of Loki's toys and stare him down. It was funny. . . not because I'm cruel or anything, but just because she's not been standing up for herself because she was sick. Now that she's better she's like, "These are MINE NOW BEEEE-OTCH!" I love that cranky old cat! :D

As far as personal art work wise. . . I hate to admit it but, um, I've kinda been slackin'. It's been so dreadfully hot down in the valley that even with the air conditioner on and bumped down to 70 degrees, it's too freakin' hot in the apartment to do anything except watch the "Robot Chicken" box set I borrowed from my friend Vinny. Fortunately it's starting to cool down a lot, so I'll be able to get back into a Gouache-y painting frenzy soon.

In other news, I'm thinkin' this may not be an anonomous blog for much longer. I mean, not many people visited my old professional blog to begin with, and I wanna post a link to my webby web site and stuff. . . It's just a thought though.

Also, I'm organizing a gallery show that will hopefully take place in Hollywood sometime in November. My friend and I were talking about how it would be fun to do our own versions of cartoons we loved to watch as kids in the 80's. It should be fun. I'm not 100% positive if I want to put a piece of my own in or not at this point, mainly because I'm going to be making the poster and flyers, but yeah. Workin' on organizing a show.

Finally, here's the banner I made for my website. I put it up on my myspace account. I'm not sure if it's bringing traffic in or not, but I like to think that someone clicks it at least once a week.

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