Monday, September 11, 2006

Back to Work :(

Well, the vacation's over. Until December anyway. :D Then I'll take almost 2 weeks off!!

So as usual, once I type things sayin' I'm gonnna do stuff and set a plan and everything it always falls apart.

Thursday things got messy cause, like I said, my homie Sergio couldn't make it out and they Dealership took WAY longer getting back to me about the car then they said they would. Which kinda destroyed my plans of going to Meltdown to meet with the Gallery guy (good thing I hadn't made an appointment) and the heat sucked my will to paint. Although the Banshee is almost done and it's lookin' pretty sweet. I just gotta finish her right hand and paint on some tears and spiderwebs then I've gotta paint Bobby.

Friday I spent the whole day with my Uncle. It was really hot out in the Riverside area and I barely helped him at all because I was super tired. But I got pretty good at using a calking gun. :D We went to the dump, which was super gross. As I've gotten older, trash grosses me out more. The smell, the germ factor, all of it. Gross. But I got a nifty "Paris Hilton shirt", as my uncle calls it, to remember the experience, so it's all good.

Saturday, Carlos finally found out where he can park on the weekends, so I got to sleep in. I had Breakfast with Bri and then came home and didn't do things I was supposed to. Then Carlos and I went to the Martha Baxton Auction to show our support for the Martha and then we went to Grand Panda for dinner. (Grand Panda is only the BEST Chinese Food restaraunt I've ever gone to and it's convienently located in Valencia, so I can only go if I'm up at CalFarts for some reason.) Then we went to my Homie Vin's b-day party. It was fun. We got home at 1am and I stayed up until 4am watching NCIS.

Sunday, after 6 hours of sleep, we got our cranky butts into the car and went to Disneyland. Although the park was pretty dead, by comparison to other times of the year, it was still busy enough and hot enough to make us even MORE cranky, so we went home and had some dinner and bought some TP and spent the rest of the evening at home. With the cats. One of which is Teething, and has a double row of FANGS right now and thinks the only way to feel better is to tear the skin off my bones. He gets sprayed a lot with the water bottle right now. I think the baby fangs should be out in another day or two.

And that's the end of my vacation.

This morning I've got more "paint by numbers" work to do for Millsberry. I'm drawin' baby swans. :D

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