Thursday, May 17, 2007

Get Out Of My Mind

OMFG!! If I didnt' completely and totally hate cellphones, this would totally make me buy one! They're marketing strait to me!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Devil's Food Cake

Okay so here's my final piece for Gallery Nucleus' Power in Numbers 2 Show. It was a semi-last-minute decision to do this one, only because when I sat down to do the icecream cone I was having an internal battle. I named all three of these pieces very Lame-ly, so to keep in theme, he got the oh so very original name of "Devil's Food Cake". Unfortunately it was so "last minute" that he didn't get finished until Potato Farm Girl came to do me the HUGE favor of picking up and dropping off my pieces at the Gallery (at which point she also named him, her idea was WAY better than mine). So I had to take a crappy picture of it. I know I'll get to scan the little bugger when the show comes down in a month, so I promise a better pic then (on my website).

Things are in the hands of time and fate right now in my normal, hectic everyday life, but here's a couple pics of life from some of the enjoyable, laid back moments. :)

Carlos and I were lucky enough to spend Easter with My Uncle Ed and Lori. We had tons of fun and we got to hang out with Bambi the baby donkey. I guess she's not really much of a baby anymore, but she LOVES Converse sneakers. :)

That would also be my nifty hair cut in all of it's wind blown glory. . . I kinda had an accident with a pair of scissors on Valentine's Day. . . 3 years of hair growth down the drain, but boy does my head feel lighter! (And YES Dad, that's my real hair color. . . but mark my words, it will be purple again soon! As soon as the bathroom recovers from the last time I died it, that is.)

Izzo has found a new spot to sleep. . . it's not very sanitary and it's really BAD, BUT when you're small enough to sleep in a frying pan. . .does the word CUTE come to mind to anyone else?