Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter (a little late)

"Frankenbunny" Gouache; 3"x4"

Happy Easter everyone!

I'm addicted to Instagram.  Frankenbunny is too.

Your dear old Boogervampire has been a tad busy as of late and hasn't had much time to herself.  But, since I had a three day weekend I was able to scratch two things off my huge to do list and in celebration decided to do a quick little mini painting!!

Frankenbunny in his little mini frame.
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and I hope to be back to posting at least twice a month again relatively soon!

Monday, March 04, 2013

30 Day Monster Girl Challenge: Part 4 and Wrap-up

Day 30: Celebrate Monster Girls

As you saw, I didn't post last week.  Probably should have so that I didn't have to post 13 monsters at one time.  So here they are, the final 13 monsters.

Day 18: Alien Girl

Day 19: Cyclops Girl (and Cyclops Kitty)

Day 20: Satyr Girl

Day 21: Canine Girl

Day 22: Feline Girl

Day 23: Yokai

Day 24: Multi-limbed Girl

Day 25: Favorite Monster Girl (Bride of Frankenstein)

Day 26: Favorite Monster Girl Character

Day 27: Truly Gruesome Girl

Day 28: Group of Monster Girls

Day 29: Monster Girl with her Significant Other

I somehow actually managed to pull off all 30 days/drawings/monsters.  I only used two 'old' characters (three if you count Bobby from my senior film in the Succubus sketch).  All in all I'm only horribly disappointed in two girls, the Canine one and the Yokai one.  I did do a better drawing of the Canine girl in the group shot, which makes me feel a little better, but I didn't get around to drawing the Yokai (crow girl) the way I wanted to.  I'd say that maybe some day I'll revisit her, but I probably won't.  It's time to move on to finishing that beast of a Bat's Day painting!!!

For more information go to the Bats Day Website.

Speaking of that painting.  I can't post anything on line, so you'll have to wait 'til after Bat's Day to see it.  As with the Classic Monsters Show piece, I'm really bummed I can't share the progress shots with everyone, but to make up for it I'll post all of them in the same post that shows the finished piece.  You can see the Bat's Day Flyer above, and of course be sure to Like the Gallery999 Facebook Fan Page for more up to date info on the event!