Sunday, November 02, 2014

Ten: A Magical Collection Show

Greetings Guys and Dolls!  I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween full of spooking people and eating way too much garbage.  Time for the next event announcement, and an apology that it took so long to announce it.  My hiatus came to an end back at the beginning of October and things have been screwy the entire month as I readjusted to the schedule and workload.  Anyway, NEXT SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT!

Ten: A Magical Art Collection By 10 Fabulous Females
Opening Receptions Friday, November 7th, 2014 from 6-9pm
The Animation Guild's Gallery 839, Burbank, CA

For more info please visit their Facebook Invite:

A month or so ago I was invited to fill the spot of an artist who unfortunately had to drop out at the last minute.  I'm really excited about this show for two reasons.  First is that I've never had an opportunity to hang a bunch of my paintings in the same place for the same show.  Well, never outside of my living room anyway.  Secondly I'm excited because this will be the first time I've had the opportunity to put the original of the "Pretty-Pretty Pirate Playset" on display.  Since the painting was done for fun and not specifically for a show it's just kind of been quietly sitting on a wall in my home.  Below you'll see a sampling of the original paintings that will be on display, and for purchase at the gallery thru the month of November.

"Madame Leota's Fortune Telling Kit for Beginners"; 11"x 14" gouache; 2014
"Ice-Scream Social"; 8x10 gouache; 2011

"Truly Outrageous"; 9"x7" gouache; 2009

"Pretty-Pretty Pirate Playset"; 5"x7" gouache; 2012
"Wee Emily Dover"; 8"x9" gouache; 2013
"Dear Prudence"; 4"x6" gouache; 2014
Also, since it's the first week of November, I want to start prepping people for my one week holiday opening for this Christmas/Chanukah/Winter Holiday of your choice over at the Crypt of DOOM!  I will open the shop on Black Friday (November 28th, 2014) and close it at midnight the following Friday (December 5th, 2014).  This will be the only time the shop is open for the holidays this year as it's become difficult to run the Crypt of DOOM properly when I'm at work.  So if you'd like to get someone special from my collection of products, please do so during that first week of December.  Also, it'll give the post office proper time to *fingers crossed* get you your packages before Christmas.

That's it for now.  Until my next update!