Sunday, January 29, 2012

Journal Post

So, for the last seven years I've been surrounded by a small Ghostbusters memorabilia collection.  Not my collection, but Carlos'.  I didn't mind it, in fact, I LOVE it!  Those movies were a huge part of my childhood (along with the other 80's staples of Back to the Future, Star Wars and the Goonies) and this weekend I discovered that CARLOS HAS NEVER ACTUALLY SEEN THEM!!

So of course I subjected him to them this weekend. . . Hadn't actually seen the Ghostbusters. . . *shakes head*.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random Toon Boom Doodle

A friend accidentally sent me a doodle of her 9th grade school photo today.  I did a quick doodle of mine to "repay the favor".


Oh, and in the 9th grade I was insanely obsessed with Disney.  So I was actually wearing an embroidered, button up 101 dalmatians shirt, with matching dalmatian puppy earrings.  The sketch was super quick, or there would have been more detail.  :P