Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fruits Go Go

So from August 2nd thru the 17th, I'm going to be participating in a gallery show organized by Caro. It's going to be at Monkeyhouse Toys and Gallery in Silverlake, CA and titled "Fruits Go Go". I wish I can say I'm doing something amazing, fantabulous, and new, but quite honestly an old piece of mine is finally getting it's time in the spotlight. "2D Fruity", the very 1st custom guitar I did with my BF, Mr. CMF, will finally get to be seen by the world, or at least people in Silverlake, Ca. (Although I do hope to have enough time to maybe do one more little piece before then, as I do truly love those crazy kids fashion ideas. They truly are a source of inspiration.)

If the flier is anything to judge the show by (which it usually is), it should be a bright and cheery show full of fun stuff. So if your in the LA area and bored, and have a lot of patience to try to find parking in Silverlake, please do come by and see all the nifty stuff.

P.S. When I say patience, I actually mean about 20 Valium in your system. It's a beautiful place, but I wouldn't wanna park there. ;)


Well, being the HUGE dork that I am, when I found that Vynal Pulse did a small write up on the "Fruits GoGo" show, I just HAD to post a link. Not only did they take a picture of the guitar for their site, but my attractive back side made it into two shots. Go me!! :P

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Mini City Commuter Hearse

So, my midterm projects were due this week. We had to do presentations in front of the class as to why we were so much more awesome than our classmates. I really wish I could say I was kidding, but the teacher literally sat us down the week before and said we should go up to the front and introduce our selves and then say "my project is superior to these other projects because of . . . "

Anywho, above is the side view and the rear three-quarter view of my Mini City Commuter Car project. The images below are my presentation boards. We were instructed to create a client that was in need of a mini city commuter and cater our design towards this fictious person's needs. Ms. Ivey Bohem, the Hollywood shoe designer wanted a stylish hybrid vehicle to put around LA in. What she got, was a stylish mini HEARSE, mainly because I just really wanted to draw a hearse. :D

In the end, for my first real car renderings, I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. I'm hoping to find the time to go back and make a front 3/4 view rendering, because the best part of the car is it's face, which I based off of a spider and the Packard Hawk (which I think looks like a catfish).