Monday, February 24, 2014

A Snail's Pace

Mini Snail; 2"x2.25" Gouache; 2014
Just when I started getting the blog updated semi regularly, I totally forget how long it takes to storyboard an episode during my day job, thus bringing any semblance of normalcy I had going in my posts to a complete and total standstill.  On the plus side I only have a week and a half (maybe two) left until my board is due, at which point I'll go back to doing revisions and have  little bit more time for personal projects again.  Which is AWESOME, but also a little bit of a bummer because starting March 1st I get to start production on my Bats Day/Gallery999:3 Haunted Mansion Icons painting.  Just like last year, though, I had to sign a confidentiality agreement that I won't show the finished painting until May 17th.  I am going to say a couple things, which I believe will not be in breech of the contract, and that is it will be Haunted Mansion related and feature more than one prop that you would see in the Haunted Mansion, but the Haunted Mansion will be only part of the story taking place in the piece.  I'm excited because it will be my most ambitious painting to date and feature quite a few 'easter eggs', but most importantly it will be the first painting featuring a new character that was created last year during the second set of the Monster Girl Drawing Challenge.  She has yet to be named but I will tell you that she has become the Boogervampire's "cool" older sister.

Mini Bat (Green); 2"x2" Gouache; 2014
I am also hoping to finish up the sketch for my epic Sushi Monster painting before the middle of next month as well.  That poor painting.  I started it in November and, try as I might, I've hit one road block after another trying to get it finished.  I'll post that drawing once finished since it's for a family friend and has no concrete deadline.  I just feel bad for our friend who's been waiting almost two years for it.

Mini Bat (Blue); 2"x2" Gouache; 2014
Lastly, at the Spook Show, or leading up to it, I discovered that people liked my little gouache bat doodles!!  That was kind of nice so I fiddled around some more with my new acrilya gouache from Holbien (bought two more tubes also) and did these two little guys over my long President's Day weekend last week.  It's been nearly 12 years since I saw a painting demo by Tim Biskup in character design class and I just now figured out that Holbien was the brand of Gouache he was using that day.  I've tried multiple times with my Windsor Newton gouache to try the stuff he was doing that day and it just didn't work right, but as soon as I tried it with the Holbien I realized what I was doing wrong.  

*I'd still like to note, the Holbien is awesome for doodling but I think I'm going to still stick to Windsor Newton for my big paintings.

World's tiniest Double Mats.  Pretty proud of myself.
Enough rambling, back to WORK!!  Time to kick this boards ASS so I can go back to doing 'fun stuff'!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2nd Annual Spook Show: Part 2

The Boogervampire and I thank everyone for turning out to the Spook Show and welcome any new followers!
The 2nd Annual Spook Show was this last weekend in La Mirada, CA.  I know I said I'd post teasers of items that were going to be there but work has been crazier than usual.  Hence the reason I shut the Etsy shop down until July.  And now I'm back into work, busy as ever.

I just wanted to do a super quick recap of the event.  Things went better than I anticipated.  Had the opportunity to meet up with some people I talk to every now and then online and get to know them a little better and meet a fellow artist I'd been admiring for a few years and speak with her for a while.  I also test marketed some new product ideas (cosmetics bags), sold a couple sets of the Valentine's and nearly sold all of my remaining 2014 calendars.  It was a great day and I got to sit right across from the hearse club so I got to look at pretty (and some not so pretty) hearses.

I feel horrible that I didn't get to talk to everyone that came by, especially Sarah from Pink Donuts Designs.  Both times she came by I was either helping someone or catching up with someone I hadn't seen in forever.  I hate disappointing people, or feeling like I may have, especially when it's someone you've never met in real life.  I hope she didn't think I was too rude.  :(

Anyway, here's a random assortment of me and my husband's Instagram pics of the event.  My episode deadline is rapidly approaching so I probably won't be able to post much until I turn my board in.  After I do I'll finally get back to my Sushi Monster painting.

My husband caught me during set up.  Of course I had to make a silly face. 
My fearless crew!!  Natasha Kline and the Hubby.  They are showing off all his fun purchases. 
Sold the neon heart bat to this lovely lady! 
Someone brought their replica of the Dragula out for the day.  The guy was nice enough to let Carlos take a pic in it.

I'll announce this here now though.  Remember how I mentioned I'm going to force myself to go out more this year?  Well, my "spring event" will be taking place in May!  I'll be returning to the Bats Day Black Market for 2014.  I won't be making any exclusive items this year because of my schedule but I will be participating in their Haunted Mansion Icons art show put on by Gallery999.  I've got something very subtile in mind for my piece and am pretty excited about it.  Unfortunately, as with last year's Gallery999 painting, I can't post any in progress or preview images until the day of the event.

For more information on the Bats Day event, history or the event, or activities for this year's event please feel free to visit