Sunday, May 28, 2006

3 Weeks Early

Well, I was totally surprised today when my boyfriend gave me my birthday present 3 weeks early. He decided to get me a digital camera. It may not be as fancy as the one I had posted a month or so ago, but it's pretty darn awesome.

I wanted a Sony, but unfortunately it was out of stock and the salesman showed me a Cannon that he said was way better than the Sony I was lookin' at. I kinda told my boyfriend that I'd like a Sony because I trust their electronics, but knowing that Cannon is a very reputable camera company to begin with, kinda instilled just as much faith in me.

It's pretty cool. We've been tinkering with it for the last couple of hours. I took pictures of Isis the Kitty Princess of Doom.

There was another really cool picture of the cat I wanted to put up, but I realized that my boyfriend was in the shot and he was in his boxers. I didn't wanna gross ya out or hear how horribly I "embarassed" him.

Yea for digital cameras!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Crazy Long Weekend

Well, it's been a crazy weekend, but so wonderful that even the misadventures of my Monday this week couldn't dampen it.

So I got to take Friday off work cause my baby bro flew into town and I spent the entire day with him, his girlfriend and my Uncle. It was a crazy day full of TONS of walking, and fun. I started my day with cleaning my car. . . there's nothin' like havin' a clean car. Then we had some breakfast at this little greasy spoon and headed for the beach. It was an overcast morning but it was super pleasent. We just walked up and down the beach then drove down Pac Highway until we were bored and then headed through the canyons back to Burbank and then to the LA Zoo. It's been about a year since I've been to the Zoo and back in Burbank it was nice and sunny, so it was a ton of fun. I only wish my camera phone had a zoom on it so I could show ya all the sleepy Koala. I love koalas. Too cute. Even if they can carry cyphilis.

Now you may be askin', what the hell is that? Well, that is my boyfriends dinner from Friday night. He and my uncle decided to turn his dinner leftovers into Carmen Miranda. Kick butt food and the end to a good day. Also, all photo's are courtesey of my camera phone, which my baby bro showed me how to get my pictures off of, which is awesoeme cause now I don't feel like I purchased a worthless piece of crap.

Saturday was supposed to be pretty laid back, but it turned into another adventure filled day. We started the day by takein' my BF to the music store for guitar parts, then takin' my bro and his girlfriend down to Culver City to our favorite toy store and then returning home to start cookin' dinner a HUGE corned beef dinner. And as busy as all that was, things didn't get fun until Carlos's car broke down and I had to go out and show him how to jump start his car, which bums him out cause I know more about cars than he does. It did start and we got it to the shop and home again in time for me to finish cooking dinner, which turned out pretty good. Corned beef is always tastey.

Sunday we all got up, checked the car into the auto shop and headed to Disneyland. Disneyland was fun, as usual. The last time I went to Disneyland we didn't get to have too much time to talk because it was for my college graduation and my best friend from back home was with me. It was another strangly overcast day for late may but the lines were blissfully short and I went on the Pirate ship Columbia for the first time ever so it was pretty cool. Carlos and Louise were captivated by the giant marble orb fountain thingy. Carlos always asks if he can bring it home with him. I told him figure out how to get it to the car and in the house and we can talk about it.

Monday I unfortunately had to call out from work, which was not the plan, because Carlos's car problems turned out to be a $700.00 mess with the fuel pump and when one car is in the shop we're both kinda screwed. Due to our work schedules and locations, if one car is out then basically one of us can't go to work, and since Carlos is still in his training period it would be really BAD for him to miss work, so I stayed home and took my car into the shop (I discovered Saturday night when I was jumping his car that I had a nail in my tire, so obviously it needed to be fixed). Now that was interesting, going to pick up my car from having it's work done and asking them how "my other car" was doing. Also, on the unfortunate side was the fact that a storm front had come in and I had to walk a mile or so home in the rain and as soon as I got back home they called me to tell me my car was ready and I had to walk all the way back. I didn't mind, I like walkin' in the rain. My shoes on the other hand, they were a little cranky and waterlogged.

One thing that was pretty cool about Monday was that it was my Brother's birthday, so I baked him a cake and got him a present. It's been about 6 years since I've been able to celebrate my brother's birthday with him, so that was fun. We took him out to California Pizza Kitchen (after we picked up my boyfriend's new glasses)and stuffed his little belly full of pizza-y goodness and returned home to watch some unsolved mysteries ghost stories and eat some cake. Then it was off to bed.

I took them to the airport this morning. I guess the plane was delayed about 3 hours. I feel bad for the little bugger, but he's home now and that's the good part. I kinda teared up sayin' bye to them this morning. His girlfriend turned out to be everything my family back home said she was. She's a very nice sweet person and was a pleasure to meet. I just hope my brother thought the same of my boyfriend. I think he did. They picked on me WAY too much. :D

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Happiness is Just One Click Away

So yesterday was. . . interesting, and rather maddening.

I was "fortunate" enough to spend my day drawing 4 new gumballs for the website I work for, which had me furious because it's insulting to my skills that the only assignment I had for the entire day was coloring 4 circles different colors and saying that they were "different flavored" and then I stumbled upon "my nemisis'" blog (because I had another day of doin' jack shit for 6 hours and I was bored) to discover that some magazine in the United Kingdom wrote about her and that she was faking modesty. She's not very good at faking modesty mind you. And it just made me depressed. Really depressed. It's like I said before, I wouldn't mind so much and it would be way easier to be happy for her if she was a nice person that was actually considerate and thoughtful, but since she's not a nice person it just makes me bummed out and wonder if I need to be a fake person that cares about no one but myself in order to get out of this unrewarding job I'm drudging though on a daily baisis. My friends say that she'll go down, but the more I regretfully wish it to happen to her, not only do I feel horribly guilty about that, but the more I realize that's never going to happen. For some reason the Fates have decided to align in her favor.

So as I was sitting there, feeling sorry for myself and getting angrier and angrier I went to the one place that can cheer me up in less than a second. Cute Overload. I swear that's the best blog/website ever. And honestly, how could you stay mad or sad when you see such cute little critters. I saw the bunny (the grey thing that kinda looks like a cat) a couple of days ago and fell in love. Then yesterday when I was all bummed I saw the little grub.

That little grub was SOOOOO cute that I couldn't help smile and copy it immediately. It made all my problems go away. . . that is until I got to the PHARMACY. Freakin' pharmacy. I've been told that I can no longer buy more than one 10 pack at a time of my allergy pills because of stupid ass crack addicts that feel the need to make CRYSTAL METH out of them. I was SOOOO pissed (but please take into mind I'd been standing at the counter for about 10 minutes waiting for someone to come help me and the store was empty and there were 5 of them behind the counter just staring at me) and they made me late for an appointment. Well it wasn't really an appointment, I had to take my boyfriend back to the optomitrist to get his perscription and order his glasses and contacts. Then when we were standing in line waiting to fulfill the perscription (with the frames we wanted in hand) we got stuck waiting for another 20 minutes only to cut off by some posh bitch that didn't think the line applied to her, and instead of the stupid people at the counter pointing out to her that there was a long line and she needed to wait in it they just let her do it cause she was on her cell phone. I fuckin' hate that shit. So what do I do when I get home?

Cute Overload. Admire the cuteness. Love the cuteness. Embrace the cuteness. Live the cuteness.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Blind Can Now See

So, after a year and a half of dating my partner in crime, and a year and a half of having to hear "I can't see that, it's too far away," and the actual object was only about 5 feet from his face, I decided to take extreme action and make him an optomitrist appointment. I figured if I did it today, on his day off, I couldn't hear any whineing or excuses, and you wanna know something, I was right.

I decided to go into work a little late today, just in case they dialated his pupils and stuff, and because I knew if I didn't something would probably go wrong. You know, like him MISSING his appointment or something (he's not incompetent or anything, he just doesnt' like doctors). So this morning we show up at the office, early enough to fill out paperwork and stuff, and with in a few minutes the little chicken's exam starts. He kinda messed up one of the tests a couple of times because he wasn't focusing on this little black square like he was supposed to, but it wasn't a big deal.

In the actual exam room, the doctor was really really cool. He even let me come into the room with him, which I think relaxed my boyfriend greatly. It was kind of a shock to me because I found out that my boyfriend had never been to the eye doctor before, and had some extremely strange notions about what was going to happen (last night he was scared cause he thought they were gonna poke a needle in his eye, I told him that would NOT be happening). It was pretty cool because with in 15 minutes, he'd been diagnosed near sighted and given some test contacts to try out over the next week. Then next week he will go back into the doctor and he will get his perscription.

The best part came after he got the contacts on and was lookin' around. He made me walk all around Costco (we went to the optomitrist there) pointing out all the stuff he could finally see and read. Then on the car trip home he was reading all the street signs. It was really funny and kinda rewarding. I know rewarding sounds like a strange word to place there, but he'd been "blind" for so long and it hadn't struck me how "blind" he was until last week when he nearly ran over three teenage boys fighting in the street (I believe I discussed that last entry so I'll spare you the details). He's been afraid of going so long he would never tell me how REALLY bad the condition was.

Now if I can just get him to take his car to the mechanic, he'll be good for another 100,000 miles. :D