Monday, June 06, 2011

Angler Fish and Sugar Skulls

Things I'm learning at the new job:  When you storyboard at a "regular" studio sections take way longer than you anticipate they will to finish.

Finished up my first full episode on Thursday afternoon.  Got 11 full pages of script.  Had a lot of fun doing it and actually got to board a chase sequence with a gun in it.  Still have a ton to learn, but I'm getting the hang of it.

Back a couple weeks ago, right when things were starting to pick up in intensity and pace, Carlos found an awesome Animal Planet toy of an Angler Fish.  He knows how much I adore them so of course he had to get it for me.  Above is what was going on in my head when I opened my eyes to see it.

Now that I've gotten a little bit of free time back, I'm starting my 4th vectorized sugar skull for the Crypt of DOOM!

In high school, my art teacher actually tried to teach us about artists as well as how to draw.  Frida Kahlo was the first artist I actually could remember stuff about.  Her work was really interesting and spoke to me at that age (not that it's not still captivating now that I'm older).  In all honesty it was probably because she was the only female our teacher told us about as well as a lot of her work has graphic elements in it.

Any-who, the time has come to do a Frida inspired sugar skull and here she is, work in progress.

Til I post again, Boogervampire signing out!