Monday, April 15, 2013

Busy Bat!

The fruit of our labor, with fancy display racks.  Left to right: New Buttons, Frankenbunny mini painting, and cabochon necklaces (wip).

Greetings followers of the Blog!

Well, things are in full swing as I (and my partner in crime for this adventure, Natasha) are trying to get the Bats Day Blackmarket items ready for the big day.  I've decided to make a few more little cabochon necklaces, 4 more big cabochon necklaces (including a test run of the "He's So Dreamy" painting as a necklace), and about 60 pairs of earrings (15 of each of the 4 sugar skull designs).  Once I realized that this year's theme was Dia de los Muertos, I figured it was probably a good idea to stock up on all my sugar skulls.  I'm also hoping to make a few more mini paintings before the big day (if I'm not too tired after work) in addition to the 40 pairs of hair clips (once again, 10 pairs of each of the 4 sugar skull designs) I still have to make.  I'm also planning on taking a few of my larger (8x10 inch) original paintings that I have hanging around the house still to the Blackmarket, so you could get lucky and take an original home.  Since I felt bad about neglecting the blog again, I thought I'd drop a few WIP (work in progress) photos on you so you could see that I haven't just been sitting on my laurels.  Sorry for the lame cell phone pics, but I got lazy and didn't wanna charge the fancy camera's batteries.

Close up of the new buttons on their display card.

Close up of the necklaces sans cabs.  So MANY!!

The cabs while they cure.  Hoping to get at least 6 more done before Bats Day!

First time trying a cab with the "He's So Dreamy!" painting.  Looking cute!
Only a third of the earrings we're making. 
In other news:  I got word via newsletter from Spoonflower that they've reactivated the Wrapping Paper option!!  I guess Christmas was just a beta test period, so if you're interested in Boogervampire Cupcake and Frankenbread wrapping paper, they're back up and available!!