Thursday, September 11, 2008

All DONE!!

So, in a miracle to beat all miracles. . . well in my world anyway, Carlos found my missing sewing machine part under the bed when he reorganizing stuff. He didn't know what it was and honestly though it was like a piece of our toilet or something, but I gave him tons of kisses for finding it. :) I was actually able to finish JUST before I went back to work. So now I'm all excited for the next break and to try making some more.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's Over ALREADY?!?!

NOOOOOOO!! It can't be time to go back to work already. BOOOOO.

Well, my summer, as you can probably see by lack of posts, has been far more busy than I would have liked it to have been. When I started my break, I had this HUGE list of things I wanted to do with my freetime. I figured 4 months would be more than enough time to: make a short film; pratice my storyboarding; finish my 3 old paintings that I've been dinking around with for over a year now; make a million really cute aprons; do a painting for my brother's fiance in celebration of her graduating; make a couple t-shirts for my brother; do a couple of paintings for Nicole's house of her monster children; take the transportation design class at Art Center; go to life drawing; and finally, do 400 freelance items for the website I work at on the side. . . Oh, and go out of town and spend time sleeping and recooperating for another crazy run.

Needless to say, um, I only got about a 16th of that list done. Got two old paintings done, as I posted; took the car class; and did my freelance which wound up taking the entire 4 months thanks to the car class assigning more homework than I had my entire 4 years at CalArts. . .

Anyway. Enough bitching. Last week I was FINALLY able to start working on my aprons. I've gotten one almost complete. Unfortunately I discovered that a very importan part I need for my sewing machine is missing, and being the dinosaur of a human being I am, my machine is a little on the old side. . .

. . . like the 50 year old side. So finding the part is probably going to take me until my next break 11 weeks from now. So until I get my part. . . here's my apron's progress.

I went for a half apron instead of a full apron, as in the drawing I did at the beginning of the summer. I'm thinking it was a far better choice, as half aprons are super cute. And once I teach my self how to applique and find my missing fashion disc part, the spider pocket will be the perfect finishing touch.

Now for some people, who are close to me, they got very, VERY tired of me mentioning my freelance. Most people didn't know what it was, as I don't talk about it very much (other than to say, it drives me nuts and counting down the days until it's completion), but now that the site is doing well, I guess I'll mention it for anyone who is curious.

I've spent time off and on for the last year doing clothing items for a webgame sponsored by Lifetime TV called It's essentially a virtual paper doll website. Sadly it's very addicting for women, so much so that in the 9 months since it re-launched, it went from 10,000 users to over 400,000 users. It's pretty crazy. The users all hate the daily 'prizes' I make, as it forces them to use their imaginations (OMG, a dress from the 1920's?! How preposterous!!). Anyway, it's been fun working with the people over at Burner Studios on this project with them, and I wanted to say thanks for the opportunity, just in case they stop by.

For fun one day, I tweeked one of the dresses I made (I DID NOT draw the figure, only the hair and dress, the avi was created by the artist before me). I had to do a Marie Antoinette dress, wig, and fan. The dress was a lot of fun. It took me over 11 hours to complete. As my boss would say, I got lost in the pretty, but I didn't care. It was so much fun!!

Anyway, here is. The version that will show up in the game is completely different and is actually a skirt and a top. I wonder if the users will hate it as much as they hated the wig? :)