Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shrunken Heads

Did a couple mini paintings today while I was waiting for my Fiance to wake up from his nap.  (His mom is coming to visit in a few days and we needed to make another run to the storage unit but he'd asked for a nap first.)

Top one is a self portrait.  Got my hair done last weekend by my good friend Carla over at the Double O Salon in Eaglerock, CA.  I've been dying to have lime green hair for a couple years now and decided that it was the right time.  Haven't really had the time to take a photo of my hair, so I decided to do a painting instead.  You know, because it takes such a long time to take a photo with a digital camera and upload it to the web.

Since the portrait was so small and I was working on a sheet of 4"x 6" paper, I decided to use up the rest of my paper and paint by just doodling something.  The shrunken head is what happened.  Been thinking about those a lot lately, glad I finally got that idea out on paper.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Fantastic Frida

Fantastic because she's FINALLY FINISHED!

Had some trouble with color on this one.  Note to self, stick to three color schemes or do better planning earlier on.  After many different tries this was the one I settled on.

Work, as usual has been interesting.  A lot to get used to even when you have "down" time between boards.  Revisions were nice to do though.  Got to work with two new directors doing revisions for them and it's nice to work on both sides of the storyboarding process.

. . .and I ramble.  Enjoy Frida and have a safe and happy Independence Day!