Thursday, January 10, 2008

Goin' on Down to South Park

Well, this year has started out with quite a shock. An unexpected one at that.

Back in September, when Carlos and I were thinking of moving to Washington (as the cost of living was becoming a challenge for us here in LA) my friend Valerie recommended me to some people over on the TV show South Park. I went in, met with the director, took a test and turned in. Having done a couple tests in the past, I waited about a month, and when I didn't hear anything back from them, I just kinda forgot about it.

Two and a half weeks ago, they called and offered me a position. It's been crazy leaving Neopets so quickly and diving into work over at South Park, but really fun and exciting.

Above is a duplicate of the South Park Avatar my boyfriend made of me a few months back. When he originally made it, it had a funny bathroom behind it. At the time it pissed me off cause he always draws me pissed off. . . but then I realized it's true. I am always pissed off. :) (Naw, not really.)