Thursday, September 06, 2012

Ballerina for Louise

"Louise's Ballerina" Gouache; 6"x17"; 2012

 A million years ago. . . probably close to 5 actually, my Sister-In-Law graduated from Highline Community College doing some law related major.  I should probably know exactly what she majored in, but I don't call my brother as much as I should.  I'm a bad older sister.

Color comps.  Originally the chosen painting was #3, but after a paper mishap and having to start over, it turned into #2.
Anyway, I gave her an IOU, along with her graduation card, that stated I'd do a painting for her.  She has framed magazine pages of some of Degas' ballerinas in her bathroom, so I thought it might be a change of pace for me to do a "normal" ballerina (as opposed to a gothic, black swan type ballerina).  I used her bathroom's color pallet (God I hope she hasn't repainted in the last two years), and her hair, as inspiration.
Got tired of drawings ballerinas and drew Poison Ivy instead.
So, Louise, here's your painting 5 years later!  (One day I'll learn to stop putting work before personal stuff, and hopefully before I'm 50.)