Friday, March 31, 2006

The Most AWESOME Thing Known to Man

I have discovered the most wonderfully amazing, futuristic product that has made my cranky little heart overjoyed and content!! It is a "Spacebag". Yes, one of those weird ass vaccum baggies you see on info-mercials. The thing actually works!!!

Seriously, I got 2 comforters, 2 pillows, 3 decorative pillows, 2 sets of sheets, a set of decorative drapes, and a twin sized flannel blanked all into this huge bag, and when I sucked all the air out, it was seriouly only about 5 inches tall (maybe 6), and there's room under the bed for another bag to be placed on top of that. Sooooo amazing.

But what's EVEN BETTER is that for the last 6 months I've had no where to place my cleaning bucket (which gets used daily thanks to kitties vomiting pyrotechnics), nor have I had a place for my milk crate of rags and my huge bundle of toilet paper, but thanks to the "Spacebag" I finally can put all my acurse-ed floater items where they belong. . . out of site. :D

Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha... this is the BEST post ever. You sound like the lady in the Info-mercial. I almost expect you to follow up with something like "And for just 5 easy paymentos of $8.99 the space bag can be yours today. Try it for free the first month. And if it dosnet meet your expectations then return it for a full refund without any penalties."

Ummm.... I watch WAY too many infomercials.

Those bags really are amazing. My mom has a few of them. My only complaint about them is that they tend to break a little easy. But they're pretty inexpensive and last a pretty long time I guess.

- Sergio

Boogervampire said...

Sergio. . . Why must you jinx my magical spacebag. No sooner than I finished reading your comment, I noticed my magical space bag got a freakin' hole in it by the zippery part. I used tape, but I some how have the feeling that my back up space bag will need to be used.


Anonymous said...

Bua-ha-ha-ha-ha my ultimate plan of cursing all those who buy a space-bag is unraveling rather nicely... and soon.. EVERYONE WHO HAS A OWNS A SPACE BAG WILL FIND THAT IT IS BROKEN... eh... gettin to everyone in the world is too much hard work... I'll just stick to cursing YOU and YOUR space-bag instead. LOL

- Sergio