Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Very Productive

Okay, I can't be on here long today, because I've actually got a butt load of work at work to do (for once), but I tried to get myself back into that Gouache-y frenzy last night and finished my "Martha and Larry Baxton Benefit Auction" piece and the first of a series of paintings that are just for out house.

See, I found these AWESOME tiny frames at Aaron Bros. Frame Store a while back and since I want my bedroom to look all haunted mansion-y (or Victorian, which ever descriptive term you preferr) I though it would be fun to have a bunch of cute little gothy paintings in cute little gothy frames in the house.

So yeah, here's the auction piece. I realized this morning I forgot her lipstick and the little curly cue hair on her forhead, but I'm thinkin' it looks okay with out it.

And here's a self portrait. With blue and purple hair of course. I think even when I'm old and grey I'm still gonna give myself blue and purple hair. Honestly, I think that's the most ME my hair will ever be. I've got a duplicate of that frame which, of course will hold a portrait of my boyfriend in the future. . . but I got other things I gotta finish first. :D

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