Sunday, February 17, 2008

Life Drawing. . . Again

So, I sadly realized that it's been a year since the last time I made it to a life drawing class. Things were so crazy last year that an entire year of my time slipped away from me! Not that things aren't crazy this year as well, but I took the time to finally go to life drawing. I was so rusty, but I like this one.

My boss keeps stressing "story" like trying to express story, or find story in everything. I guess with this one, I thought of a lonly little sailor girl, who was stood up by her date or something. Although it's probably more like a stripper who's had a bad night and is pouting because she didn't get any tips.

Anyway, YAY! Life drawing. I'm promising myself I'm going to go every week during my breaks. Lets see if I can keep that promise to myself. ;)

1 comment:

potato farm girl said...

I think she is sad 'cause she has the wedgie.