Thursday, May 22, 2008

Where Boogers Fear to Tread

So as I may have said before, my boss suggested I challenge myself and take a class during my break. I also may have said that I was totally unobservant and didn't realize until the first day of class that it was a CAR design class. I've already learned a few tricks of the trade and rules about cars I'd never realized before (like the distance between front and rear tire, on average is 3 and a half tire widths; and the average car is about 2 tires tall, with a one third glass to two thirds metal ratio). So I thought it might be fun to put up some of my first car drawings. I'll post my last assignment as well, just in case it might be fun for people to compare beginning of class to end of class work.


potato farm girl said...

Deeeaammmn! Those are f'n sweet!

Caro said...

mary! can you design me a car that doesn't need gas? :)

Boogervampire said...

LOL, Caro, funny thing is, that's my very next project! Only it's a mini hearse! It just wouldn't be a boogervampire original if it wasn't a mini electric hearse. :D